Monday, May 31, 2010

Abbys fave new toy from Aunt Frankie!

Memorial Day weekend

Abby Reid has had a big week.  On Wednesday, we went to Birmingham to see Aunt Monica, cousins M&M, and Uncle Eric.  She also got to see Gram and meet Dixie.  Several pictures were taken and I'm still waiting on them to be emailed my way (hint hint Monica!).  Abby loved spending time with the girls and ladies on Tim's side of the family - even if she did have a crabby, reflux-y kind of day.  Congrats go to Maeghan on her 8th grade graduation and her Band Award!!  Abby got hot, so we sat in the car for A-P of the graduation and made it back just in time to see Maeghan!!

Ab went to daycare on Thursday and then has been home with us Friday - Monday.  I forgot how hard it is to be a fulltime mom since I've been back at work.  We did a picture session Friday, went out and about Saturday.  My parents and Frankie came over on Sunday for a visit and some of Tim's chicken salad, red potato salad, and a FAB dessert.  After they left, Abby was doing tummy time and rolled over - albeit accidentally - for the first time.  She was fussin fussin fussin...then flipped over on her back and grinned so big.   She hasnt done it again since, but she seems to be doing tummy time a little better.  It seems to irritate her reflux, so it's hard to *make* her do it.  She likes it better on the couch or the changing pad - I guess because it is softer.

In other firsts, she also had her first cereal bottle that same night.  Aunt Frankie gave it to her and she sucked it down.  And slept 10 hours.  So we are continuing that.  At her 4 month appt, hopefully we will be given the ok to go for food!!  Tim and I bought a variety already from Babies R Us.  We are so excited!!

Another first that Daddy was NOT so excited about - Abby got her first kiss (from a BOY!) today.  Our friend's son LOVES Abby.  Whenever we go over there, he follows her around (or us around while we are holding her - you know what I mean).  Today, she was in her swing and he got down in there with her and kissed her on the mouth!!  When he pulled away, she was grinning SO BIG.  Then she tried to suck his nose! He's almost 2 so she's hitting on an older man!  This is the same boy who put his hand on her thigh at the dinner theater.  Their relationship is moving waaaay too fast!

I heard news that another young lady passed away today in a car accident.  Stephanie came through SGS and was one of the sweetest girls.  It breaks my heart to think of her family, as well as my friend Suzette's family, losing their daughters so tragically and so early in their lives.  I also have a friend who's baby is in the hospital. She is very close to Abby in age and has already had numerous heart surgeries and is/was on a ventilator.  I can't imagine the pain these families are going through, so please remember the Parmers, Davidsons, and Smith/Garrett families in your prayers.  I admit, I held Abby a little tighter tonight...and let her nap in my lap for 2 hours.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tummy Time!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

3 month Photo Session with Daddy Part 1

Pics from Mothers' Day

I thought I had posted these - but obviously not!! Notice she is wearing a Daddy Loves Me shirt on Mothers Day.  :(  This was during the projectile vomit days.

Abbys first cereal bottle!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Maeghan and Abby

Nap at Maeghan's graduation

Futures so bright I gotta wear shades!

Road trip!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Abbys first movie!

She is not asleep! She is looking around and kicking her feet! She loves it!

Monday, May 24, 2010


So Abby Lou Who is doing excellent on her "liquid gold" formula. Not only have Tim and I noticed a HUGE difference in her, so have my sister, my parents, and the daycare.  She seems to be in much less distress after and during eating, she sleeps better, and she is far less fussy.  We also moved to OTC Prevacid in lieu of the solutab form.  Apparently, the solutabs have soy and/or dairy in them - which is what she is sensitive to.  So that was leading to tummy trouble and pain at night.  We continue to move toward a happy "baseline" on acid reflux.  We WILL tackle this horrible reflux monster!!!  We are about to embark upon using "buffer babies" - a new product that helps the reflux meds work better in her little belly.

Tim and I went out of town for the first time on Sunday - to Atlanta to see the musical Avenue Q.  Mom and Daddy and Aunt Frankie babysat for the day. and dad babysat and Frankie slept after working all night.  She was the "on call nurse" here :o)  From what I heard - and saw by pictures - Abby had a great day and was loved and held for hours on end!!  And, when we got home, we were surprised by my parents buying 6 cans of formula for Abby.  My sister informed me that I was to "not be mean" and "just say thank you."  These things are hard for both Tim and I to do...we don't take "charity" well.  We are far too independent and prideful. It was a lesson in humility when my parents said "We didnt do it for you, we did it for Abby."  Who am I to not accept that?!

We also found out that our daycare does "part time" during the Abby will only be going for 3 days a week.  I'm off every Friday, so one other day a week, she will spend part with Daddy and part with Mommy.  I'm excited about spending more time with my baby as she grows up and starts to eat solids.  We go back to the doctor June 21 for her 4 month appt and I think we get to start real food after that!!  Judging by how Abby was checking out Daddy's salad tonight, she is ready :)  She also goes back to the eye doctor this Friday to make sure that her eyes are still progressing - but we haven't noticed any more crossing, so we're keeping our fingers crossed!!

She's smiling and babbling still - though not as much.  I've read that when they are working on new skills, they often forego ones that they already know how to do.  She is seriously focusing on her neck stability and wanting to sit up.  Though she still HATES tummy time and will therefore probably never roll over!!

We get to go to Birmingham this Wednesday for Maeghan's 8th grade graduation.  Abby is super excited about seeing her cousins, Aunt Monica, and Gram!!!!  She'll also get to meet Uncle Eric's mom Dixie for the first time!

It has been brought to my attention by Abby that she only loves Tim.  She ALWAYS wants to be with him.  Tonight, we went to grab salads at Mike & Eds.  Abby was fine while Tim was talking to her...then he started eating his salad and she started the fussin.  I tried feeding her.  I tried holding her.  Still fussing.  I passed her across the table.  Tim put her in his lap.  She smiled and began looking around happily.  What a brat!

In other, tragic news, my friend Suzette's daughter was killed in a car accident yesterday.  She was 24 years old.  I can't imagine losing Abby - and I've only loved her for 3 months.  My heart aches for this friend who was just beginning to enjoy a grown up friendship type relationship with her beautiful daughter.  Please remember the Davidson family in your prayers.

Eating a salad. Abby threw a fit until Tim held her

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

first laugh.MOV

Sorry you have to listen to me laughing like a hyena! There are two small little chuckles in there amidst her babbling!!

Long time, but good excuse!

I know, I know, it has been a long time since the last time I "wrote" anything.  But I DO try to post pictures at least, right?  Right!

Let's see.  Last weekend was Mother's Day.  My first mother's day ever.  Well, besides the ones I celebrated as a beagle mom (please hold the "female dog" comments!).  Abby was sweet as ever and Frankie came over and cooked for the family.  Awesome day.  Well...except for the projectile vomiting.

Last Saturday, Abby started projectile vomiting. And no, I don't mean "spitting up."  I mean entire contents of one or more bottles shooting forcefully out of her little body.  Oddly enough, she would be right back to her normal self - smiling, cooing, etc.  That continued through Monday, so we went to visit the doctor.  They suggested possibly trying an "elemental" formula (read - EXPENSIVE) - something I've been dreading hearing.  When I say expensive, I mean super expensive.  Like, we have been spending $15 a can and we go through 5 or 6.  Now, we will be spending over $25 a can (for a much smaller can!) and go through at least 8.  We tried the formula and it seemed to be working, despite the fact that she was still projectile vomiting thru Friday.  Luckily, the formula seems to be working much better now and we haven't had any vomiting Saturday or today.  Unluckily, now she seems to have a cold :(  She has been horribly congested yesterday and today.  Poor little girl can't catch a break!!  She's still on pedialyte some, so we will see how it goes once she is back on formula for the entire day.

We are loving the daycare we are using.  They seem to really love Abby - but really, who wouldn't?  She is the youngest by 2 months in her class.  Her nearest in age was born December 7 or so and is a tiny little fella!!  Abby is getting quite chubby herself - and is on track to double her birthweight by her 4 month appt.  She has a favorite bouncy chair at daycare (probably meaning that she is a diva and refuses all other chairs!).  We get to go see her school pictures on Tuesday, so I'm hoping that they turned out well and she wasn't crying in them!!  They've started making her nap in her crib during the day (by state mandate), so she's been very tired when she gets home at night.  She's back to sleeping through the night (from about 8:30 PM until 5:00 or 5:30 AM).  We are VERY thankful.  Of course, last night, she woke up 150 times because she couldn't breathe!!

Abby has all sorts of new tricks.  She really likes to sit up - she can't do it yet without support, but she likes to be straight up.  She loves watching the television - but only if there are bright colors.  I guess she likes to watch them move.  She is smiling SO MUCH and SO BIG now.  When she is not feeling sick, she babbles at whatever she is looking at.  She HATES tummy time these days.  But she likes to lay against your stomach and push up and look around.  Her head is so strong, but her little arms just aren't there yet.  She is following things with her eyes much better now - so we will be sure and tell her eye doctor that when we go back in 2 weeks.  She can turn her head both ways while sitting up and/or laying down.  We are gonna start working on rolling over, but we had to wait this week out while we were projectile vomiting!!  That pressure on her tummy was just too much.  She gets very mad when she doesn't get her way and is such a big wiggler.  I have a great video I need to post of her just kicking and flailing her arms all over the place.  Last night, she found her hair and kept playing with it with her left hand.  She would be sitting in our laps, on her boppy, in the bouncy, etc and just swing her arm up and start rubbing her head.  ADORABLE.

My friend Sonya came and babysat while Tim and I went to the movies yesterday - our first movie in over 8 months he will tell you.  We saw Nightmare on Elm Street - not the best - but it was nice to get out!!  Abby loved being here with Sonya - and I know this because of the many pictures Sonya took and sent my way!!  Abby is also loving her Aunt Frankie being home and nearby.  She gets to see her all the time!!!  She will get to see the Steelreath clan in a little over a week for Maeghan's 8th grade graduation.  Hopefully, we will be past vomit and congestion by then!!!

In other news, Howie is peacefully sleeping and is liking Abby more and more. :o)


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mothers day.jpg

Frankie took this sweet picture of Ab and me tonight. Forgive the blurriness. For clearer pictures, please donate to the "Buy Frankie a new phone fund." More to come later from my first Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Learning to Hold Things!

Playing with toys from Gram. Learning to hold them and then putting them in my mouth!

First Conversation

Abby's been a little fussy lately...apparently, she was hitting a growth spurt. After eating a tremendous amount these past few days, she passed out HARD for a long 2 hour nap. When she woke up, she began making noise like she had been babbling/cooing her whole life! I got some on video and then put the camera down and just enjoyed it!!

Do I have to get up and go to school?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Week Bites the Dust...

I promise to get better about the blogging.  These first two weeks back to work, taking Abby to school, and finishing up track have been very hectic.  Throw in a sick dog, a visit to Pediatric After Hours, and a head injury for Tim and I hit the trifecta.  Yes.  All of those things happened this week.  Allow me to elaborate.

Howie started having an upset stomach about Monday.  Finally by Wednesday, I remembered the miracle pills they gave us at the vet last time he was sick - Endosorb.  They are wonder makers! :)  So he's all better by Friday.

In the midst of that, we go out to eat Tuesday night and notice Abby's left eye crossing.  And I mean CROSSING.  It was the weirdest thing.  She kept looking to the side and that eye would cross waaaaaaay in.  Almost to the point we thought she was having some sort of seizure.  Tim made the decision (because we all knew I was too freaked out to make a rational one) that we should take her to Peds After Hours just in case.  Luckily (or by divine design by God), one of our doctors from Rivertown was there that night, Dr. Evangelist.  First, we saw a PA who came in (I guess in case we were "overreacting.")  He saw what was going on and went and got Dr. Evangelist.  She also noticed that Abby's eyes didn't quite match up in "light refraction."  She did the paperwork and we got a referral to an Opthamologist on Wednesday afternoon.  Appointment scheduled for Friday.  (More on that later).

As I get home from work on Wednesday, I am changing Abby's diaper and cleaning up Howie's accident (from his upset stomach), my phone rings.  The conversation goes something like this:
M:  Hello?
T:  I'm bleeding from my head and going to Dr. Hollingsworth.
T:  I can't talk. I'm driving.
Hang up.
Yes.  You read that right.  He drops that bomb and hangs up.  Apparently, while playing ultimate frisbee with a bunch of teenagers, Tim took an elbow to the head.  By the time I got to Doc H, they had cleaned up the blood, stitched him (yes, he needed stitches!), and had him resting with ice on his head.  They were also making tremendous fun of him.  I love that doctor's office.  So I had to drive him home.  Bless his heart.

Fast forward to Friday.  We went to see Dr Curren at West Georgia Eye.  He was super sweet to Abby and she behaved incredibly well!!  After doing a general eye exam and a "dilated" eye exam, he said everything looks normal and she should come back in a month to make sure.  I wasnt aware that one of the things they were looking for was EYE CANCER.  I am so glad that that did not come up on my google search - I would have been FREAKING out!!!

Frankie is back in town - hopefully for good - and picked up Abby from daycare on Thursday.  She also went with us to the doc on Friday.  Since Tim was out of town, Sonya came and spent the night with us on Friday night.  She got up in the middle of the night with Abby - so I got to sleep!!  I told her that 9 times out of 10, Ab sleeps through the night, so she must have just wanted extra special time!!  Saturday, mom and dad came over for a visit - they really just wanted to see Abby and Frankie. I guess I should get used to being "old news" these days!!

I think thats about it.  I am dealing with a whiny clinger today after being held nonstop these past few days!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mommy Love

Missing you

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