Monday, November 29, 2010

Teeth, Santa, and Helmets...

Those are three things that don't often have something in common :) 

Abby Reid got her first tooth yesterday.  The same one (or one of the two!) that have been trying to come in since she was 3 months old!!  YAY!! 

We went to Fantasy in Lights last night at Callaway Gardens last night.  Abby hated it. She hated Santa, she hated the trolley, she hated being carried, she hated the music.  We were the people that we usually hate - the ones with the disruptive kid!  But, as you can see below, the picture turned our hilarious!!!!  I have some more pics of us with Abby that I will post tonight hopefully!

We had a great thanksgiving.  My parents came on Thursday and we had turkey and all the trimmings with them and my sister.  Abby got to eat turkey, potatoes, and rice and loved every minute of her grown up food!  Friday, we went to Bham to see the Loreman/Steelreath clan and watch the Auburn/Alabama game.  Abby wore her cheerleading outfit the first half...Auburn was AWFUL.  She was so hot, so we took it off the second half...and we all know how that turned out!  War Eagle!

She has been in her helmet for one week now officially.  We go back today for him to look, shave some off, and check fitting.  I believe we will go once a week until it is done.  I can't tell a difference as of right now, but they say it can take up to 2 weeks to see one.  We'll see!!  I think she looks adorable in it, but I DO want to cry everytime I put it on her head.  It doesnt seem to bother her in the LEAST.  We get a few strange looks ,but so far no one has been ugly, rude, or out of line.  We met a man in Bath and Body Works on Saturday who sought us out because his baby had to have one.  It was nice to talk and hear tips on how to take care of the helmet and protect her head from dryness/rash.

Pictures coming soon.  :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Helmet Decorations

So we got our helmet today.  Tell me, does this thing look like $2000?  Or even $555 (our part?).  I don't think so either.  Ask me at the end of 3 months when we should see a sweet little round headed baby!

A sad story.  Abby has not been sleeping well at night.  It's like she forgot how to self soothe completely.  And since she learned how to roll over, now she stands up in the bed and screams.  Tonight, after 10 minutes, she got really quiet.  Tim went to go and check on her.  She was slumped down at the end of the bed.  She had passed out...was on her knees, still holding on to the bed slats.  Her head was resting against the slats and on the bumper.  It broke my heart :(  Sleep baby!!!!

My helmet

My super girl helmet

Waiting some more for modifications


Sunday, November 21, 2010


We took a few pictures today - and yes, Abby's shoes were on the right feet!!  I am so thankful that Tim was able to spend the whole day with Abby while I went traipsing across the state of Alabama with my friends Karen, Cynthia, and Suzette.  We went to Morgan Creek Winery in Childersburg.  It was AWESOME.  Tim and Abby hung out, took some pics, and got a burger king crown.

Today, we took Abby back out to get a few more pics before the big HELMET day tomorrow.  Yes, you read that right.  Abby Reid is finally getting her helmet tomorrow at 9:00 AM.  So for those of you who we will be seeing for Thanksgiving, you will see her with a pretty pink helmet!!

Love you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Frankie commented that there werent enough pics of ME and Abby, so here's another...


Clean hair

9 Month Pics - Rough Cut - Auburn and Kiesel

Holding Daddy's Hand

Ready to walk!

Chillin in front of Samford

Climbing the steps to my future...

Where Daddy proposed to Mommy....awwwww!

I believe in Auburn and love it!

Where mommy and daddy got married

Where mommy and daddy got married (2)

Peek a boo!


Kiesel Park.  Daddy has had it with me.

Daddy's hat!

Me and Mommy.  My BFF

Coloring with Daddy at Niffers


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 9, 2010

Well, today was a big day.  We ordered her helmet from Hanger (after a minor issue with their staff - more on that later!).  She stood up on her own without hanging onto anything for a few seconds two times!!  What a big girl!

They finally got back with us yesterday and said our insurance does not require predetermination.  The lady quoted me a price of $400 copay and told us to come in and pick out a pattern tomorrow (today).  Knowing that copay amount seemed wrong, I knew we would be in for it today when we asked.  After giving us a completely different amount today (an estimation), they acted like they were upset that I said we weren't paying based on an "estimation."  That we would only pay after it was sent through insurance and we were billed an actual amount.  Needless to say, we ended up leaving and telling them not to order anything.  On top of that, for a helmet that costs $1200 to $1800, they are billing our insurance $2000, simply because our insurance "allows" that much.  So instead of paying 20% (our portion) of the actual amount, we are having to pay 20% of that amount - all because we have good insurance.  Punished again for having good jobs and good insurance.  Jerks. Anywho...eventually, realizing the error of their ways, and wanting to keep our business, the lady (in a much nicer voice) agreed to run it through our insurance first and then allow us to pay the actual billed amount.

Abby is thriving at daycare.  There are three *new* babies in there, so Abby is one of the older ones now - a leader :o)  She's eating three meals a day, in addition to bottles.  She is also throwing fits.  I had no idea that those happened so soon.  She will kick her legs, flail her arms, and SCREAM at us.  Yesterday, she was gnawing on my Fanta can and I took it away.  She threw a fit, and was still mouthing off at me while Tim carried her away.  She's going to be a HANDFUL.

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas and getting to see everyone.  Abby is also appalled at the treatment of Cam Newton.  War Eagle!  Anyone curious as to what to buy Abby for Christmas?  DIAPERS :)

Happy Tuesday.  Love y'all.

Sock in foot sock in mouth

Sunday, November 7, 2010