Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mid afternoon nap

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Can terminex get rid of this kind of pest

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Waving at her subjects on the pier.

Forgive fuzzy lens. It was HOTTTT
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Love my new raft

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Stealing daddy's rice. Note Tims face.

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My fave!

Abby's sassy walk....

First waves!

Telling the waves to "top!"

She was so over Tim taking her picture!

Bad girl on a step stool

She loves this stool daddy built. Unfortunately she wants to STAND on it. It will be the cause of a broken appendage.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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There are fishes on my wall

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On the way with my bird and my cup. Life id good

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Abby helped nana rearrange pantry

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Friday, June 17, 2011

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abbys job requires computer work in the morning.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

sassy pants.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

kisses for my homies.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I know it has been forever since I posted anything, but let's face it, do y'all really READ what I write or just scroll down for the pics??  There's a lot going on this month for us, so I promise to do better with the updating.

First, we'll get the Abby update out of the way.  Her last doc appt was mid-May.  She has dropped to the 20th percentile in weight (we are working on getting that back up!!!!) after all her sickness.  But if tonight was any indication (she ate spaghettios, applesauce, and macaroni), we are on the way there!  She remained in the 75th in height and the 95th in head size.  Her head hasnt gotten any bigger thankfully :o)  She is on target developmentally as best we can tell - but they only expect her to have 2 words, be able to walk, etc.  We haven't had to use any of the liquid gold ear drops in over 2 weeks, which is WONDERFUL.

She's such a sassy pants.  Her teachers used to say that "not Abby," "not my sweet girl," etc.  That ended today when she told off a little boy for rolling over her foot with a push toy.  They said she got all in his face screaming at him!!!  Tim said he was proud of her - that's probably part of the problem.  Of course, her teachers are the other part.  When I went to pick her up last week, she was laid back in Ms. Van's lap.  Ms. Van was rubbing Abby's bare belly, as Abby reached into a bag on the table and fed herself cheerios.  Mind you, all the other kids were playing on their own.  I quickly let them know that they were the problem :)  She's in daycare 2 days a week this summer, and the other three are split between myself and Tim.

As everyone who has been around her lately can attest, she has also developed a very poor attitude when told "no."  She either throws herself face down, butt up OR sits and screams "UGH" at me.  She does have several words now - most clear are "mama," "dada," "dog (dau)," "ball (bau)," "no," "stop (top), "bye bye," and "hi."  She says something like "eeez dat" when she points at something.  We are working on "please," "pop," "gram," and "gramma/gram/whatever she wants to call my mom."  She also knows "E I E I O" from Old McDonald.  She can high five, low five, and do "touchdown."  Basically, all tricks you can teach your puppy!!  She will take things back and forth between me and Tim when asked...sometimes.  Basically when she wants to.  She loves her books and her baby dolls (much to Tim's dismay).  She can kick a ball (almost without falling down!).  She gives great hugs and kisses (when she wants to), though if you aren't careful, she will slip you the tongue.

We've been to the pool already a few times this summer (shout out to Yaya and Gigi and Slade!).  Slade even bought Abby a kiddy pool - which Abby loved until she busted her hiney in it!!  She had her first overnight sleepover at Sonya's last week while Tim and I went to see Jimmy Buffett.  Of course, she ended up with a black eye, but hey, that's typical Abby.  Just like her daddy.

We are excited about heading to see everyone in Mobile in July and are hopefully planning a beach trip before then.  I'm after Tim to find a time to go visit the Bham folks, but nailing down Tim on a calendar is like trying to catch a greased hog.

On a more serious note, (and he's going to be mad at me for mentioning it!), Daddy is having heart surgery on Monday.  So big prayers for him, my mom, me, Frankie, and Dr. Travis.  I'm not worried about the surgery.  I'm worried about the recovery.  I told him the other day that I was worried there were two things that could happen after surgery - 1 is that he will get depressed he can't do much.  The other is that he will do something stupid and not listen to what Dr. Hotness (yes, that is his official name as far as I am concerned!) tells him to do.  He's already in rare form at having to sit through 7 hours a day of a heparin trial...I'm afraid he's going to go all "Hulk" on the nursing staff.  Anyhow, please keep my family in your prayers - most especially for an easy, speedy recovery for Daddy.

Love y'all!

Abbys daily report

In case you can't read it, it says "HOMEWORK TONIGHT - Write 5x; I Will not curse in class."  Have parents sign.  NO, before you ask, she did not curse in class.  But she DID curse a new little boy out in baby language.  Apparently to the point that he put down the toy he had run over her foot with, bowed his head, and walked away.  And refused to go near her the rest of the day.  "Welcome to Babies 4" from Abby Reid, huh?
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