Friday, October 4, 2013

Abby's teacher just emailed this to me. They made Clifford pumpkins today at school. She is learning so much every day. They are on the letter E this week. Whatever letter they are on, there's a corresponding animal with a story (based on the Abecka curriculum). So far, according to the facts Abby has shared with me, we have had Alexander Alligator (they are green, live in water, and have very sharp teeth), Betsy Bee (they eat nectar, live in hives with a Queeeeeen, make honey, buzz by rubbing their wings together, and have 6 legs), Connie Cow (lives on a dairy farm, eats cud, has no throat, makes milk), Dexter Donkey (has a muzzle, has hooves instead of feet, says hee haw), and Ellie Elephant (has a trunk that she uses instead of hands, sprays the ants off her back with water, and is not small).

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